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For more than 30 years, Michel CHASSAGNE and Sonia KOVAC, real estate valuation experts have defined a quality charter whose sole purpose is the success of their clients' transactions and for their greatest satisfaction. Today Fleur SAMSON succeeds them after many months of precious advice and shared experiences. Woman in the field combining knowledge of real estate law and respect for ethical and moral values. Fleur SAMSON is trained in the latest laws, methods and techniques in force and uses modern means of communication. Discretion is the key word and essential confidence.

In the French Riviera, where life is good, goods have emotional value because they belong to large families whose personality, sensitivity and confidentiality must be respected.The expertise of the goods makes it possible to fix the right price, pledge of a successful transaction. Waterfront Property provides its clients with all financial guarantees and insurance through its membership of the GALIAN Guarantee Fund in Paris.Their perfect knowledge of the 2000 "Waterfront" properties justifies your visit and you can choose the property of your dreams at your leisure. The specialized press has made it a reliable reference in the real estate sector (Secondary Residences, Properties of France, Côte magazine, Properties Côte d'Azur, Demeures et Châteaux, Résidences Immobilier, Figaro Magazine, Côté Sud, Indicator Bertrand, Nice -morning, the Express, Le Nouvel Observateur, La Vie Française, Yacht Club, etc ...)

Fleur SAMSON is your privileged interlocutor because she is the only one to know the market of “Waterfront” properties as well thanks to Michel CHASSAGNE and Sonia KOVAC, in order to meet your expectations an estimate, an expertise, a purchase, a sale, discreetly.

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